2023 Canoe Sprint Championships

Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 November 2023

On behalf of Paddle Queensland and the Canoe Sprint Technical Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2023 Paddle Queensland Canoe Sprint Championships at the SYC Oxenford Watersports Centre.

Saturday Draw v2 (9/11/23)Sunday Draw v3 (9/11/23)
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Course Map
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Volunteers Needed
To ensure the smooth running of the Championships, 10 volunteers are required at all times for each race to run on schedule and it would be greatly appreciated if you can spare some time during the weekend.

Please come to the Finish Line and ask for Scott or Andrea and advise how you can help.

Good Behaviour
Any competitor who displays behaviour detrimental to the good order and conduct of the competition may be disciplined or disqualified.

Event starts
1. Competitors are ONLY to enter and exit the water at the designated embarkation area.
2. Competitors are to be within 100m of the Start Area no less than 5 minutes before their scheduled race start. Any paddler who fails to compete in an event without advising the Chief Official in writing prior to the commencement of the nominated race may be disqualified.
3. At the start competitors line up with the lane number to their left.
4. The start commands will be – Ready, Set, GO!
5. Competitors should remain as close as possible to the centre of their lane during the race.

Events in Progress
1. Competitors in the vicinity of the course (paddling to the start) should stop their boat while a race is in progress nearby, to ensure minimum interference to those racing. This is particularly relevant when paddling on the course to get to the start line.
2. Competitors must not paddle in close proximity to the start line while a race is in the process of being started.
3. Competitors are not permitted to paddle alongside a race in progress.
4. Competitors should not congregate in their boats in the vicinity of the finishing line in case they interfere with the judging or the finish of the event in progress
5. Receiving external assistance is not permitted. If a rescue is required, you will receive a DNF result. If you get yourself back into the boat, you will NOT receive a DNF result Good

1. Swimming at Coomera is NOT permitted during the regatta.
2. Rocks on the side of the course are Out of Bounds to all athletes and spectators.
3. Organisers recommend that competitors wear footwear upon entry to the lake.
4. Safety boats will be patrolling the waters.

State Team Selection for 2024 Nationals
• Athletes who wish to be considered for the state team, must nominate via the online portal by 11:45pm Sunday 12th November.
• To be eligible for selection an athlete must meet the requirements of the Policy.

Life Jackets / PFDs
Correctly fitted life jackets must be worn by:
1. All paddlers competing in the Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14 categories;
2. Those who are not strong and confident swimmers;
3. All paddlers if the Competition Committee deems it necessary.
Please note, inflatable life jackets are not acceptable due to the need for the paddler to be conscious to activate the life jacket and for the need for annual testing to ensure compliance.

Scratching and Alterations
A competitor who arrives late at the start or who otherwise does not start, and has no valid reason approved by the Chief Official, shall be disqualified from the race in question. Upon payment of the prescribed reinstatement fee the competitor may continue to participate in other races of the regatta in which the competitor is entered, but otherwise shall be disqualified for the remainder of the regatta.

Where a competitor is disqualified under this rule and has no other races remaining in the regatta, the competitor shall not be allowed to enter the next state competition unless the prescribed reinstatement fee has been paid.

The reinstatement fee is $50 for seniors and $20 for juniors.

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