Sea Kayaking

What is Sea Kayaking?

A sea kayak is designed and developed for the sport of paddling primarily on the ocean but can also be used on lakes, bays & rivers. Sea kayaks are seaworthy vessels with a covered deck, at least two watertight bulkheads and the ability to incorporate a spray deck to seal off the cockpit. Sea kayaks are designed to provide high cruising speeds, large cargo capacity, ease of straight-line paddling and comfort for long journeys.

If you are new to sea kayaking, we strongly recommend that you get some training via a club or a commercial operator. Always paddle to your ability and ensure your skills are appropriate before trying the more challenging trips. There are many sea kayak clubs throughout Queensland, you can find out more information about these clubs at the links above.

Queensland has a coastline that has many places to explore by sea kayak. Weekend trips with overnight camping as well as extended multi day trips are popular among sea kayakers and many combine kayaking with wildlife watching. Areas such as The Whitsundays, The Keppels, Hinchinbrook Island, Fraser Island, Bribie Island, Moreton Island, Stradbroke Islands and many other places. These are fascinating places to explore and can generally be accessed by sea kayakers.

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