Free mental health support

Feeling depressed or anxious is not a weakness. It happens to most of us at some stage. The weakness is in ignoring it and letting it fester and grow. All problems have solutions…and sometimes you just need to talk them through.

All members, affiliates and families of Paddle Queensland now have access to a service that will provide treatment and support to anyone struggling with depression and/or anxiety, as well as anyone who is living with someone who is suffering.  All you need to do is call White Cloud on 07 3155 3456.

The White Cloud Tele-Mental Health Service is operated by a multidisciplinary team of mental health clinicians including psychologists, exercise physiologists, dieticians and counsellors. This team of specialists work together to develop individualised treatment plans that address a client’s specific needs and symptoms and arm them with strategies to better manage their mental and emotional health.

White Cloud Foundation specialise in preventing depression from developing or worsening, restoring wellness and quality of life, and building resilience for the future.

This service is available free-of-charge to all people associated with Paddle Queensland, no matter where you live.  All appointments are conducted via phone or video conferencing and there is no need for a GP referral or Mental Health Plan.

This is not a crisis service, and operates from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you do require crisis support, please call 1300 MH CALL (1300 642 255).

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