CleanCo and Paddle Queensland, getting you on the water!

CleanCo and Paddle Queensland are working together to help engage and advise the white-water paddling community on when planned outages will occur impacting the water flow of the Tully and Barron Rivers in the heritage listed Wet Tropics Area of Far North Queensland. The following information is provided on behalf of CleanCo for Paddle Queensland.

CleanCo is committed to establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the communities in which they operate with a focus on supporting local businesses and community initiatives.

CleanCo acknowledges their assets have deep roots within the local community and, through water releases for generation, have long supported recreational and commercial river activities.

The following Kareeya power station outage is planned between:
1. 26th July to the 3rd September 2021.

The following Barron Gorge power station outages are planned between:
2. 2nd September to the 15th September 2021
3. 29th November to the 6th December 2021.

CleanCo has worked closely with Powerlink and AEMO to schedule these outages so that there is minimal overlap (i.e. only one river impacted a time) and to avoid school holiday periods.

NOTE: Although the power stations will not be generating during the identified periods, some water will continue to flow in the rivers as a result of natural inflows from tributaries and any required water releases from upstream dams.

For more information for recreation river users please click here.

For more information about the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) click here.

For more information on when a site is generating (releasing water) or to gain an understanding of recent releases which may assist in predicting future releases click here.

NOTE: The information available through these applications is not provided by CleanCo and as such CleanCo makes no representation related to its accuracy

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