Pacific Coast Marathon Series Results

After four rounds of competition it is my pleasure to announce the 2023 Pacific Coast Marathon Series Champions.
To view the full results of each distance, please scroll to the end of the section to download.

Long Course

Tony Bowman 45-49 SKIMale2101
David Pacheco 45-49 SUPMale4201
Paolo Lencioni 50-54 SKIMale2101
Marion Thursby 55-59 OCFemale2101
Rick Finch 60-64 SKIMale3156
Janet Buchan 60-64 SUPFemale2152
Andy Stephens 70+ SKIMale4201
Llewellyn BassettOpen KMale297
Asa Poland U18 KMale296
Archie Skinner U21 KMale2102

To download the full Long Course results click here.

Medium Course

Paula Ridge40-44 SKIFemale3152
Matthew Ingerman45-49 KMale2101
Trish West45-49 SUPFemale2103
Jamie Boyle 50-54 KMale293
David Ball 50-54 SKIMale2101
Tracey Mouque 50-54 SUPFemale3147
Judi Jater / Michele Waldon 55-59 DBL SKIFemale3151
Armand Le Roux55-59 KMale2101
Darryl Stenlake 55-59 SKIMale293
Mark & Trish Sanderson 60-64 DBL SKIMixed2100
Kim Ankenbauer 60-64 KFemale3148
Martyn Dwight 60-64 KMale4189
David Chinn 60-64 SKIMale289
David Robson 60-64 SUPMale3146
Grant Epple / Di Wood 65-69 DBL SKIMixed3150
Geoffrey Pearce 65-69 KMale3151
Rob Bebrouth / Karlene McCormick 65-69 OC2Mixed3152
Mike Gout 65-69 SKIMale4197
Russell Lutton 70+ KMale4201
Jeff Stuart 70+ SKIMale4203
Marilyn Drynan 70+ TKFemale2101
Riley Scott U16 KMale3151
Josh Parkinson U18 KMale297

To download the full Medium Course results click here.

Short Course

David Maritz45-49 KMale2100
Lina Bastoncino50-54 OCFemale2103
Sharon Kyme50-54 SKIFemale294
Darryl Stenlake55-59 SKIMale2101
Linda Bachmann65-69 OCFemale4207
Greg Litherland70+ KMale2101
Peter Fletcher70+ TKMale2101
Jessica StenlakeU12 KFemale2101
Koa Brodie / Joel MaritzU14 K2Male2101
Tash ParkinsonU21 CFemale2101

To download the full Short Course results click here.

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