Pacific Coast Ocean Racing Series Results

After four rounds of competition it is my pleasure to announce the 2023 Pacific Coast Ocean Racing Series Champions.
To view the full results of each class, please scroll to the end of the section to download.

Helen Chorley40 SS1Female3205
Luke Clarkson40 SS1Male3171
Mark Rantall45 SS1Male4255
Jules Stanton50 SS1Female3145
Robert Pomie50 SS1Male4242
Amanda Hanmer55 SS1Female3154
Raymond Hastie55 SS1Male4183
Mark Murray60 SS1Male4228
Rod Taylor70 SS1Male2152
Caitlin GillimanOpen SS1Female3170
Matt Ramke-MeyerOpen SS1Male4202
Kaia SugarsU19 SS1Female4240
Taj CrelinU19 SS1Male4258
Gareth Forde & Rob FisherMTR SS2Male4232
Marty & Lil SalMTR SS2Mixed4256
Surf Ski Champions

To download the full Surf Ski results click here.

James LukeMastersMale295
Annali PhilpottU19Female3183
Pierrick CartierU19Male297
SLSA Champions

To download the full SLSA results click here.

Sandra Van Zyl40 OC1Female3202
Adam Busby40 OC1Male299
Cherie Collison50 OC1Female294
Bryon Gilbert50 OC1Male3206
Phil Ware60 OC1Male3207
Matt WalshOpen OC1Male2152
Chris & Katrina MacRaeMTR OC2Mixed2101
Outrigger Champions

To download the full Outrigger results click here.

Tracey MouqueMastersFemale4240
Patrick AgussolMastersMale3195
SUP Champions

To download the full SUP results click here.

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